About DCI

by | Jan 4, 2023

Investment management firms face complex challenges, from increasing client demands and constant regulatory change to cost pressures across the business. Yet many are saddled with legacy technology platforms that perpetuate the data issues underpinning many of these challenges.

DCI was founded to tackle these problems.

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About DCI

Data problems demand a new approach

Many of the client servicing issues and operational inefficiencies that beleaguer financial services firms stem from poor data. In an ideal world, systems wouldn’t permit the processing of bad data. In the real world, it is commonplace – especially where firms use a hotchpotch of systems overly reliant on manual input.

The DCI team has over 100 years of combined experience in financial services. Our expertise spans:

  • Complex software development & support
  • Compliance
  • Investment management
  • Stockbroking
  • Settlement
  • Market data
  • CASS oversight
  • Financial advice
  • Data management
  • Reporting

We understand your business and the data quality problems that result from working with legacy architecture.

Our complementary solutions identify bad data as soon as it occurs and before it can have a material impact. The DCI solution suite includes:

  • DCI Data Analyst
    Rules-based software that is fully customisable to each firm’s individual data needs. Sophisticated, automated workflow tools combine with powerful dashboards to give senior management clear visibility of all data issues and how they are being resolved.

  • DCI Transaction Reporting Reconciler
    Comprehensive, audited reconciliation of your Transaction Reporting submissions with those received by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

DCI Data Analyst screens

Management Team

DCI's Nick Thacker
Nick ThackerLinked In
Nick has spent his entire career in financial services, working in operational, analytical, sales and consultancy roles across wealth management, stockbroking, insurance, fund management and software. Having seen the industry from almost every angle, he passionately believes there are better ways to approach the industry’s problems. DCI was born from this belief.

In his spare time, Nick is commonly found on the golf course, trying in vain to improve his handicap, or enduring the highs and many lows of being a lifelong Crystal Palace fan.

DCI's Simon Ray
Simon RayLinked In
During his many years as an Investment Manager managing client money, Simon developed a burgeoning interest in operations. He subsequently transitioned to the back office, eventually becoming Chief Operating Officer of an AIM-listed wealth management firm. This role involved operational oversight of all aspects of financial advice through to discretionary fund management, client money & assets (CF10A), and even LSE membership. This breadth of experience fuelled Simon’s passion for driving operational efficiencies within financial services, leading initially to a successful consultancy business and ultimately the creation of DCI.

Outside of work, Simon enjoys swimming, including a successful swim across the English Channel in 2013.