DCI Data Analyst

by | Jan 10, 2023

The quality and integrity of data is integral to the efficient operation of financial services businesses.

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Ensuring the integrity of all your data

Firms are often dependent on manual data input. Inevitably that leads to errors and cost. Yet until now there has been no systematic solution that can automate the identification of those errors before they cause problems.

DCI Data Analyst has been specifically created to address firms’ data tribulations. It identifies and reports issues as they occur, enabling users to correct critical data before it has a material impact. DCI Data Analyst works continually in the background, constantly reviewing new and changing datasets. The solution includes:

DCI Data Analyst screens
  • Comprehensive rule set for multiple systems
    The huge number of rules can be customised for your business and designed to check every aspect of your data for potential errors
  • Workflow managed resolution
    Ensures the most critical errors are resolved at the earliest opportunity, with management oversight and reporting throughout the process
  • Management overview
    Tailored dashboard meets the needs of each user, including an enterprise-wide view showing the current state of data, trends and KPIs, providing confidence of data quality from a regulatory perspective
  • Ability to review data from multiple systems
    Multiple data sources can be used to identify errors, whether from one or more internal systems, or external providers of industry pertinent data
  • Continual enhancement
    New rules are created constantly based on firms’ feedback. The rules are made available to all other system users by default, creating a community of DCI users working for the benefit of each other
  • Getting it right, first time
    All users can learn from mistakes made and minimise repeat errors by using DCI’s in-built resolution guides. Management Information is also provided to identify where trends occur, thus indicating additional training needs and improving future input
DCI Data Analyst screen

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